John is an associate in the business crime team. He qualified as a solicitor in 2009 following an earlier career in the military where he was employed as a special investigator, intelligence analyst and crime scene examiner. John was responsible for investigating many serious matters including sexual offences, fraud and war crimes.

John now defends clients who are subject to investigations by the police and other authorities. He regularly represents clients in interviews conducted by the police. John’s background and insight into police procedure is often deployed to the advantage of clients and, wherever possible, an effort is made to conclude matters without the involvement of the criminal courts.

The business crime team has the expertise to deal with investigations from first contact with the police through trial and, if necessary, appeal. The team is experienced at dealing with all types of criminal allegations from fraud through to sexual offending. Our client base is such that we often deal with very high profile matters and we understand the need for sensitivity, confidentiality and reputation management.

John also acts for victims of crime and is adept at persuading the police to pursue complaints. He works closely with the family and litigation teams to protect the interests of victims of harassment and blackmail.

Recent experience

  • Acted for an entrepreneur who was alleged to have defrauded a foreign investor. Representations were submitted to the police that the matter was a civil dispute that was the subject of ongoing settlement negotiations. The police discontinued the investigation and the client was neither interviewed nor charged
  • Acted for the teenage son of a UK tier 1 visa holder who was in the process of migrating with his family to the UK. Our client was reported to the police for sharing unlawful images with his school mates. John arranged for the client to undergo a course of counselling and the police subsequently agreed to deal with the matter by way of caution subject to a condition that the counselling sessions continue. The avoidance of a criminal conviction enabled the family’s migration plans to continue uninterrupted and for our client to avoid the stigma of a criminal conviction
  • Represented a fund manager following his arrest by the police for allegedly harassing a former work colleague. Representations were subsequently submitted to the police disclosing evidence that the former colleague was infatuated with our client. The police discontinued the investigation
  • Acted for a well-known TV personality in relation to allegations of assault and false imprisonment. John represented the client interview with the police. Following that interview the police confirmed that they would discontinue their investigation.