Providing for the financial needs of your family is likely to be one of the key drivers for your wealth generation. But the process of passing on that wealth can pose unique and complex challenges which can be daunting, both in terms of the practical arrangements involved and the personal decisions that your succession presents.

Our experts from across the firm can help you develop and implement wealth structures that are firmly based on your values and philosophy. If your goals are best served through the use of a trust, we can help identify the most appropriate structure for your circumstances.

Trusts are an effective means of wealth preservation and can provide added flexibility to you as a high net worth individual to allow your assets to be passed down securely and efficiently. Several of the lawyers in our team are also Chartered Tax Advisers and we specialise in the creation of tax-efficient trust structures. We are focused on helping you with legitimate tax planning and mitigation strategies wherever possible. As part of our service, we can identify opportunities to mitigate UK inheritance tax through careful planning of family trusts.

We can help you through all the steps involved and offer considerable experience in the establishment, administration and restructuring of trusts, both in the UK and offshore. We act for domestic UK clients and those with an international dimension, such as UK resident non-domiciled taxpayers, foreign clients with UK assets, or those coming to or leaving the UK. We also specialise in the preparation of complex Wills for high net worth individuals which incorporate trusts for asset protection and tax planning purposes, as well as to cater for difficult family situations.

Where the family business is involved, we can also advise you on the establishment and operation of private trust companies, family limited partnerships and other matters related to family governance.

It is our job to make complex issues simple for you and to help you meet the unique challenges that wealth and inheritance can present for your family, in a personally sensitive and financially efficient way.

We have worked with clients from all over the world, building close relationships to secure the most appropriate and tax efficient trust structures for the benefit of their families.

Our recent work has included:
  • Advising a family who have emigrated from the UK to minimise the inheritance tax exposure on their UK assets
  • Acting for non-UK domiciled clients concerning the UK tax treatment of their income and capital gains arising outside the UK
  • Advising the UK heirs of a foreign domiciled family member concerning UK tax planning opportunities for the estate
  • Advising a UK resident non-domiciled client about capital gains tax mitigation for a foreign property investment using an appropriate offshore structure
  • Acting for the Trustee of an offshore trust concerning the optimum holding structure to shelter from UK tax in respect of a valuable art collection situated in the UK
  • Advising Trustees and beneficiaries of an offshore trust on restructuring the trust in advance of the settlor losing protection from US federal estate tax under the UK/US double estate tax treaty.