Reputation Management

When your reputation is challenged, your family suffers alongside you. You may expect certain levels of media coverage and public interest, but the protection of your family’s privacy and well-being is a priority.

Whether you are regularly in the public eye or whether your reputation is of importance to you on a more personal level, we understand the associated pressures on your family. Particularly in our increasingly connected world, opinions can spread quickly and negative comments can cause significant harm and embarrassment to your family members.

The increasing use of digital technology also means that the identity of family members is more and more easily discovered, they can be increasingly reachable and their activity potentially under scrutiny. Our team has extensive experience of helping clients in the public eye, or with particular reputational sensitivities, to deal with issues that can arise from this lack of privacy which compromise the protection of loved ones, such as harassment and blackmail.

We are experienced in providing advice to clients whose family members become the target for inappropriate, excessive or intimidating attention. Likewise, if any member of your family becomes the subject of blackmail – perpetrated by someone threatening to disclose private and confidential information about either you or them – we can act quickly to prohibit disclosure of information, help to minimise damage to those involved and, if needed, ensure the appropriate criminal proceedings are instigated and managed discreetly.

We are highly valued for our discretion, as well as working hard on your behalf to avoid unwanted media attention on your family.

In all these cases, time is often of the essence and our team can be on hand at a moment’s notice to assist you to resolve any reputational issues and limit potential damage to family members. We can also offer you support to protect your family from reputational damage and protect their privacy on an ongoing basis.

Our team has extensive experience helping clients protect their families in relation to issues of libel, defamation and malicious falsehood, reputation management, privacy and data protection, both domestically and internationally.

Our recent work has included:
  • Advising on several matters involving the posting of sensitive photographs, videos and comments on social media and other websites and related reputational issues
  • Acting for a high profile sports individual, representing him against defamatory and untrue statements published in several media outlets
  • Advising on potential defamation claims against the authors, publishers and broadcasters of libellous comments. In addition, given that the publication of such comments can occur in numerous different jurisdictions, we have been advising clients on possible venues for potential defamation litigation around the world