Business Crime

We can assist whether you are the victim of a crime, suspected of a crime or the subject of a false allegation. We are experienced at dealing with all types of criminal and regulatory allegations from financial misfeasance and fraud through to harassment, blackmail and sexual offending. We have the expertise to deal with investigations and prosecutions from the time that an incident occurs. We can represent you in your dealings with the police, HMRC, SFO, FCA and other investigatory/prosecuting agencies and, if required, represent you at trial.

We work together with other members of the firm, particularly our family and media teams to achieve the best possible outcome for you and your family. We often deal with very high profile matters and we understand the need for sensitivity, confidentiality and reputation management.

Services for clients subject to allegations of criminality

We can advise you on all stages of the investigation and can represent you in any interview with the police. We are skilled at minimising the impact of an investigation and are often able to persuade the police that an arrest is unnecessary.

Whilst we aim to resolve matters at the earliest opportunity we also act for our clients at trial and, if required, on appeal.

False allegations

High net worth individuals are often the subject of false allegations made for the purpose of blackmail or to gain an advantage in divorce proceedings business disputes. We can assist you in defending the allegations against you and bringing counter allegations.

Services for victims of crime

We regularly represent victims of fraud or other offending and can guide you in your dealings with police officers and prosecutors. We have had considerable success in persuading the police and Crown Prosecution Service to proceed with investigations and to bring prosecutions. Where the authorities are reluctant or slow to take action we can advise you on other means of achieving a satisfactory outcome, including private prosecution.

Our team has extensive experience helping clients protect themselves and their families when allegations of criminality are made.

Our recent work has included:
  • Represented a US citizen who was subject to online harassment and blackmail by a person resident in England. A complaint was made to the police on the client’s behalf and we represented her interests throughout the investigation and subsequent trial. The blackmailer was sentenced to a lengthy term of imprisonment
  • Acted for a member of a foreign royal family who was subject to a false allegation of rape. We represented the client in interview and submitted representations asserting that that the allegation had been made in an attempt to blackmail the client. The police discontinued their investigation
  • Acted for an entrepreneur who was alleged to have defrauded a foreign investor. Representations were submitted to the police that the matter was a civil dispute. The police discontinued the investigation and the client was neither interviewed nor charged
  • Acted for an entrepreneur who was blackmailed by a former girlfriend. Contact was made with the blackmailer who immediately ceased contacting our client and made no further demands for payment. The matter was resolved without the involvement of the police or courts
  • Represented a fund manager following his arrest by the police for allegedly harassing a former work colleague. Representations were subsequently submitted to the police disclosing evidence that the complainant was infatuated with our client. The investigation was discontinued
  • Acted for the teenage son of a UK tier 1 visa holder who had distributed indecent images of children that he had acquired on the dark web. We arranged counselling for the client and the police subsequently agreed to deal with the matter by way of caution allowing the family’s migration plans continued uninterrupted and our client avoided the stigma of a criminal conviction
  • Represented an art dealer in relation to claims that he had accepted stolen goods on consignment. The consigned goods were surrendered to the police and our client was not charged
  • Acted for a banker in relation to an allegation of assault. Representations were submitted to the police and the matter was discontinued without charge
  • Acted for a well-known TV personality in relation to allegations of assault and false imprisonment. The police discontinued their investigation following an interview.