Albert Einstein said that there was nothing more difficult to understand than tax, so it’s no surprise if the rest of us need a little help to navigate it.

Your personal finances mean that your tax affairs are likely to be even more complex. Plus, you have an even greater need to achieve tax efficiency; quite simply, you have more to lose and more to gain.

Our team consists of highly professional and experienced tax lawyers and qualified Chartered Tax Advisers, which means that we have the technical expertise, ability and experience to guide and protect you. We understand the potential complexity of your personal tax affairs and always seek to give advice in a clear, straightforward and cost-effective way to ensure you have the support you need to manage your tax issues efficiently. Our focus is on helping you with legitimate tax planning and mitigation strategies.

We can provide a range of personal tax planning assistance to ensure that your affairs remain compliant, as well as contributing to an efficient and effective personal tax strategy, including optimisation of tax reliefs and exemptions to suit your personal circumstances and future needs.

If you have foreign domicile and/or residence, you may be able to take advantage of your status and exploit tax planning opportunities using offshore trusts and other vehicles. We regularly advise high net worth clients about the benefits of these structures for UK tax mitigation.

If you are not resident but are considering moving to the UK, you are likely to be subject to UK tax when you become UK resident. However, depending on how long you intend to remain, you may be able to protect your overseas income and gains from UK tax. It is most important that you think about these things before you move to the UK and we can advise you on your options before you arrive and whilst you live in the UK.

We can also help you minimise your inheritance tax liability, for example through the use of business property relief and gifts out of income – a valuable inheritance tax exemption.

We also specialise in the creation of tax-efficient Wills and trust structures, as well as offering tax strategies for your business and property.

In all these areas we offer you a personal service focused on your particular objectives. Our priority is to protect your interests, both now and in the future, through effective tax planning.

Tax affairs for the wealthy can be complicated. Our team has extensive experience helping clients from all over the world manage their tax issues effectively and efficiently.

Our recent work has included:
  • Advising clients on coming to the UK for business or pleasure, the tests for whether they will become resident in the UK and the implications if they do so
  • Helping clients with domicile queries to understand the ramifications and advantages of maintaining a non-UK domicile
  • Advising UK resident non-domiciliaries about the tax implications of remitting money and transferring assets to the UK
  • Advising high net worth individuals, offshore companies, trusts and foundations in respect of “de-enveloping” UK residential properties worth in excess of £500,000
  • Advising clients about the tax efficiencies relating to creation of Trusts and Foundations
  • Advising UK resident non-domiciliaries about the tax implications of remitting money and transferring assets to the UK
  • Acting for non-UK domiciled clients in relation to the tax implications of establishing and operating businesses in the UK, purchasing and holding assets in the UK, and becoming tax resident in the UK