Dispute Resolution

As they say, conflict is inevitable, but combat is optional.

Whether you seek to avoid conflict or find that you need to take steps to protect your position or enforce your rights, disputes arise from time to time. When they do, you want someone who is in your corner, who understands your particular circumstances and who can advise you of your options and guide you through potentially complex and sometimes daunting proceedings.

Our dispute resolution solicitors are focused on your objectives, taking care to understand what you want to achieve and developing tailored strategies to meet those aims. Whether you wish to resolve a dispute within a family or close network to preserve relationships after the matter has been settled, or you have been let down by someone and wish nothing more than to recover what is due to you and sever ties, we are able to assist.

We can advise you in all types disputes related to individuals in conflict. As disputes can arise across an almost unlimited array of subject matter, the collegiate environment of our firm is particularly effective in these circumstances, meaning that we can quickly and appropriately draw on a breadth of expertise across a range of different issues.

Your particular circumstances may require creative solutions. Our solicitors are grounded, practical and innovative, as well as being highly experienced in a variety of dispute resolution mechanisms. Our aim is always to achieve your objectives in the quickest, most effective way and this often involves innovative alternatives to litigation. In particular, we are proactive and effective in promoting private resolution of disputes through arbitration or mediation. These tend to be less confrontational and can attract less public interest – particularly important if you are in the public eye. But if your objectives are best delivered through formal Court proceedings, we will vigorously pursue your aims through litigation. In all cases, we are focused on steering your opponents to where you need them to be.

Whether defending or pursuing claims, we are on your side to provide effective support and the right balance of diplomacy or metal, as your situation requires.

Our recent work has included:
  • Acting for a HNW Kuwaiti client in relation to the misappropriation of £600,000 by an architect on the interior design of a villa in Kuwait and the tracing of the monies into UK property through English Court proceedings
  • Advising celebrities/high net worth individuals in relation to attempted blackmail and applying for emergency anonymous injunctions (gagging orders)
  • Advising celebrities/high net worth individuals in relation to harassment/stalking/intimidation and obtaining emergency restraining orders, costs and damages
  • Representing HNW clients in relation to criminal and/or regulatory allegations/investigations across a wide spectrum of issues from financials (tax/money laundering/breach of fiduciaries) through to domestic and relationship related matters. EG currently representing a global currency exchange corporate and connected individuals in relation to financial impropriety and AML failings.