Your greatest luxury might just be a day with no meetings, no appointments and no schedule.

For those who simply want to enjoy their wealth we can assist with the purchase of luxury assets such as private aircraft. Our aviation department regularly advises individuals on the purchase, financing, fractional ownership and management of business jets.

Where clients are considering the sale, purchase and/or leasing of private aircraft, we have considerable experience in negotiating and advising on the relevant contractual documentation.

Our experience includes:

  • The purchase of new corporate aircraft from manufacturers
  • The sale and purchase of used corporate aircraft
  • The financing of corporate aircraft including finance leases and related documentation
  • Advising on lease agreements and charter agreements
  • Advising on operating agreement
  • Advising on supply agreement for aircraft components.
Our recent work has included:
  • Purchase of a Boeing B737-400 aircraft for VVIP operation
  • Purchase of a new Gulfstream G650 aircraft and related financing leasing and operating arrangements
  • The sale of three Gulfstream G200 aircraft on behalf of owners in Abu Dhabi, Jordan and Kuwait
  • Advising on a joint venture project to design and build auxiliary fuel tanks for Boeing aircraft.