Reputation Management

Our clients come to us because of the reputation of our business. We understand the importance of protecting yours.

The reputation of your business is the foundation of its success. For people of high-net-worth your personal reputation can also be inextricably linked to the fortunes of your business and vice versa. If you face a reputational challenge, there are a range of legal protections available. We understand how to navigate you through the impact of issues coming at you from both your business to you personally and from your personal reputation and its impact on your business. We can advise you on protecting your trade marks, legal proceedings against counterfeiters and imitators, protection from inaccurate advertising and unfair business practices of your competitors. Your business can also sue in respect of deliberate lies under the tort of malicious falsehood.

We can advise you on matters of confidentiality of your employees and the production of non-disclosure agreements. Such agreements can be particularly useful for you individuals and branded companies in the public eye to help limit media and public intrusion.

The increasing use of digital technology brings with it the heightened risk of the loss of sensitive and personal data, whether through hacking or as a result of human error. If such business data falls into the wrong hands and is subsequently distributed, we understand that this can be embarrassing and damaging to your reputation, as well as being commercially sensitive. We have particular expertise in dealing with the unlawful interception of communications and will assertively pursue proceedings to protect the reputation of your business. Where such reputation has been affected, we can advise in relation to instigating and managing legal proceedings against the relevant parties, if needed.

We are highly valued for our discretion, as well as working hard on your behalf to avoid unwanted media and public interest. In addition, as business reputation is global, we can also rely on our network of experts across the world, offering local and specialist advice to protect the international reputation of your business.

In all these cases, time is often of the essence and our team can be on hand at a moment’s notice to assist you to resolve any reputational issues and limit potential commercial and personal damage. We can also offer you support to protect your business from reputational damage on an ongoing basis.

Our team has extensive experience helping clients manage challenges to the reputation of their business, both domestically and internationally.

Our recent work has included:
  • Advising on several matters involving the posting of sensitive photographs, videos and comments on social media and other websites and related reputational issues
  • Advising on potential defamation claims against the authors, publishers and broadcasters of libellous comments. In addition, given that the publication of such comments can occur in numerous different jurisdictions, we have been advising clients on possible venues for potential defamation litigation around the world
  • Acting for a high profile sports individual, representing him against defamatory and untrue statements published in several media outlets
  • Advising clients in relation to defending unwanted and unsubstantiated claims, including advising in relation to reputation management issues where such claims have been made public.