Dispute Resolution

However successful your business, disputes with suppliers, customers, employees and competitors will inevitably arise from time to time.

If they do, you want someone who is in your corner, who understands your particular circumstances, who can advise you of your options and guide you through potentially complex and sometimes daunting proceedings.

Our dispute resolution solicitors are focused on your objectives, taking care to understand what you want to achieve and developing tailored strategies to meet those aims. Whether you wish to resolve a dispute within a family-run business to preserve relationships after the matter has been settled, or you have been let down by someone and wish nothing more than to recover what is due to you and sever ties, we are able to assist.

Your particular circumstances may require creative solutions. Our solicitors are grounded, practical and innovative, as well as being highly experienced in a variety of dispute resolution mechanisms. Our aim is always to achieve your objectives in the quickest, most effective way and this often involves innovative alternatives to litigation. In particular, we are proactive and effective in promoting private resolution of business disputes through arbitration or mediation. These tend to be less confrontational and can attract less public interest – particularly important if you are in the public eye.

But if your objectives are best delivered through formal Court proceedings, we will vigorously pursue your aims through litigation. In all cases, we are focused on steering your opponents to where you need them to be.

We are able to assist you in all types of commercial litigation, from corporate and partnership disputes to individuals in conflict. As disputes can arise across an almost unlimited array of subject matter, the collegiate environment of our firm also means that we can quickly and effectively draw on a breadth of expertise across all different sectors, as well as having particular experience with very high-value businesses.

Whether defending or pursuing claims, we are on your side to provide effective support and the right balance of diplomacy or metal, as your situation requires.

  • Advising on agency and management disputes with former managers
  • Advising on agency and management disputes in the sports arena
  • Advising on commercial disputes regarding the use/management of assets
  • Advising on recovery proceedings and worldwide freezing orders for high value individuals and corporates (property owning companies) in response to frauds on the companies and contractual breaches
  • Assisting Individuals & corporates in UAE to investigate employees suspected of cyber-crime to syphon funds from bank accounts.