As the business owner and usually the founder or inheritor, you have your heart in your business and your business in your heart. You need secure and effective advice to help you protect it, manage contractual and regulatory risks and grow it for the future.

Our team are highly experienced in handling transactions across a broad range of sectors. We have developed excellent relationships over the years with leading accountants, off-shore advisors and other key professionals in corporate services, meaning we can offer you complete support in all your corporate transactions. More importantly our HK One team carefully consider the personal ramifications of your choice of action in your business and help you to achieve your personal goals for the business as well as the corporate ones.

At start-up, we provide a technical and commercial overview of your options, including advice on the tax implications of the various structures and the implications of domiciling in the UK or overseas. We advise on the different types of funding and can represent you in all types of fundraising, including specialist expertise in shareholders’ agreements and joint ventures.

The multi-disciplinary approach of our firm means that corporate, commercial, tax and employment teams work closely together to provide all the necessary advice needed to build a successful team for your business, including developing an attractive package to incentivise key players. When it comes to growing your business, we advise on commercial alliances or acquisitions, including making introductions that may be relevant to the needs of the business. If further funding is required, our expertise in private equity, joint venturing, debt funding, mergers and acquisitions and public fundraising will effectively support you.

We can further support you throughout the life of your business on a wide range of issues, such as advising on commercial contracts, distribution and supply agreements, franchising, merchandising, e-commerce and data protection.

As your business matures your attention may be drawn to how you might realise the fruits of your labour by planning for exit and/or succession. We can help you prepare, advising on issues such as corporate governance, the creation of a robust management structure and incentive schemes to help motivate your team. When a decision to exit has been made, we have a highly experienced team dealing with the process of negotiating and executing contracts for sale, covering corporate as well as tax, employment, real estate and intellectual property advice. As an alternative to sale, we can advise on further private equity injection or flotation on a public market and can provide contacts where appropriate.

All in all, we aim to provide you with a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all your commercial and corporate legal services to ensure you get the best support throughout the life of your business.